Branding & Marketing Design Suite Programme

Increase your knowledge at Office Expo Asia’s (OEA) Branding & Marketing Design Suite. Conducted by industry experts and trade professionals, attend to pick up useful tips! Simply register your visit to OEA and come for your preferred session. RSVP not required unless otherwise stated.

Day 1: 26 July, Wednesday | Day 2: 27 July, Thursday | Day 3: 28 July, Friday

DAY 1: 26 JULY 2017 (WEDNESDAY) 

1.30PM – 2.10PM

Building Business and Beyond
Herliena Wijaya, Art Director
Quirk Pte Ltd

An in-depth look on what is it about branding that ticks and how to use it to build a strong business that people will love. We will talk about how companies can actually build and sustain a brand value, turning a product, service, or corporate into one that customers love, trust, and respect – Which in the long run will benefit companies to grow efficiently with more opportunities.

2.15PM – 2.55PM

Are You Brand Dead?
Kimming Yap, Managing Director
Creativeans Pte Ltd

Branding always seems to be shrouded with mystery. What is branding? How do we brand anything? Why can’t we just leave it to the marketing guys?

Kimming Yap, co-author of branding book ‘Are You Brand Dead?’ will unravel the mystery of branding through light-hearted illustrations and practical examples, and introduce methodologies so you can build a strong brand for yourself.

3.00PM – 3.40PM

Digital Marketing – Lead Generations & Conversions
Derick Ng, CEO
Clickr Media Pte Ltd

Marketers around the world are responding to the change in user behavior of their customers by channeling their efforts to digital, forming a connection to their customers online.

There are many online media platforms to choose from – search engines, social media, video streaming, display networks, etc., but how do you know which one will work for your brand?

Clickr Media’s CEO and Co-Founder, Derick Ng, will share how to effectively create awareness, generate leads and optimise for conversions. You will also learn how to measure success in your digital marketing campaign.

3.45PM – 4.25PM

How to Use Content Marketing to ‘Melt’ Your Audience
Ted Chong, Digital Marketing Director
Ice Cube Marketing Consultancy

57% of the purchase decision is already complete before the customer even calls the supplier according to studies by CEB. Savvy customers today are increasingly seeking information online about your business. Find out how to produce content that can turn (melt) ice cold audience into hot leads using a multi-step nurture process. Learn about how content powers your search engine and social media strategies and brings in new customers for your business in a sustainable fashion. Check out case studies of companies generating a positive ROI from their campaigns in spite of being in a crowded online space.

4.30PM – 5.10PM

Process of Revamping Brand and Packaging in the Asia Market
Jackie Tan, Design Consultant
Orient Design Pte Ltd

Jackie will be sharing how aesthetic dressing to a packaging form can greatly improve the brand value of the product. Case studies will be the highlight, to illustrate how companies have transformed their image using unique packaging design to compete in the Asia Market.

DAY 2: 27 JULY 2017 (THURSDAY) 


12.45PM – 1.25PM

Boosting Print and Signage Revenue with High Value Innovative Digital Services
Frederick Liau, Chief Innovator

Just providing print and signage services to your customers is no longer enough. In order to make your printing and signage company more recession proof, you need to start transiting into a marketing service provider. Integrating print/signage with digital service can provide much better ROI than using print on its own.

In this presentation, you can learn how to benefit from proven framework and ready solutions.

 1.30PM – 2.10PM

The Way Forward for Ads & Signs People
Jully An, Managing Director & Pradeep Maithani, Senior Consultant Pte Ltd

Online business has become a multi-billion-dollar revenue stream, not to mention it has completely turned the path to purchase/fulfilment on its head. Which business does not want a piece of that growing pie? Often SMEs are very focused on day-to-day operations missing a dedicated planned effort on business-growth. Especially in the context of ad&sign, tools offering disruption in traditional style of business & the way businesses will be managed in future. Technology is offering disruption, innovation, cost cutting, growth in revenue and clients, better customer experience, and this makes it vital for any SME to start focusing on how to use technology for the business growth.

2.15PM – 2.55PM 

Enhancing HR Capabilities for the Next Gen Workforce
Tay Bok Swee, Senior Business Advisor

Digitalisation has changed many aspects of how SMEs run their operations. Amidst this new challenge is the growing millennial workforce which propels organisations to adopt new strategies and solutions in managing their people. Join us for this capability workshop and gain insights on the importance of human capital management for sustainable business growth.

3.00PM – 3.40PM

WSG Programmes: Recruitment, Training and Retention of PMETs
Shaun Hou, Deputy Director

SNEF will share on WSG Programmes under the Adapt & Grow Initiatives on recruitment, training, and retention of PMETs. They are as follows:

A. P-Max Place-and-Train Programme

  • Aims to facilitate the entry of PMETs into suitable SME jobs
  • Receive $5,000 upon successful completion of the programme

B. Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)

  • Help jobseekers reskill and acquire necessary knowledge and competencies to take on new jobs
  • Eligible companies will receive training grants and salary support of up to $36,000

3.45PM – 4.25PM

Digitalisation: Where & How to Start
Derek Lee, CEO
Pericom Imaging (S) Pte Ltd

Embarking on a digital roadmap in your office environment is never easy. Employee participation, resistance to change & the management’s know-hows are all but vital factors to your implementation.

In this dialogue, we will be emphasising on how much digital transformation can improve your company, and more importantly the process to render it successful.

Change is never easy, but given our economy’s current downturn, change is necessary.

4.30PM – 5.10PM

Digital Marketing – Multichannel Marketing
Don Tan, Founder & Head of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Multi-channel marketing with conversion optimisation

  1. Making use of multi-channel marketing to discover the platform with the highest ROI
  2. Insights in traffic generation optimisation (Facebook & Google)
  3. Insights in landing page (website) optimisation to drive lower cost per enquiry
  4. Insights in making good use of data analytics to determine strategy

DAY 3: 28 JULY 2017 (FRIDAY) 

 12.45PM – 1.25PM

How to Win New Customers for Your Gift Business 
Frederick Liau, Chief Innovator

The gifts and premiums business is challenging as more and more clients are sourcing online. To attract new clients while retaining existing ones, owners of gifts and premium businesses should incorporate digital service that enhances and compliments the physical gifts. In this presentation, you will learn about how to design and integrate digital services with a proven framework.

1.30PM – 2.10PM

Becoming a Responsible Marketer
Azhar Azib, Founder and Principal Consultant

Responsible marketing practices include being respectful to customer contact preferences, being transparent about how you are going to use the data they provide and only sending marketing communications and promotional messages that are relevant to them. All of these translate to less wastage, lower cost and happier customers. These practices are also consistent with obligations set forth by the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore and in most jurisdictions.

In this session, we will look at how the requirements of the PDPA are actually embedded in marketing best practices. These are things that marketers should be doing anyway, and with the PDPA now fully in force, there are now legal implications for bad marketing practices.

Participants will take away from this session, a simple checklist of marketing Do’s and Don’ts to keep you on the right side of the law and at the same improve the quality of your marketing.

2.15PM – 2.55PM

Getting Your Website to the #1 Position on Google Search Results!
Alan Koh, Principal Trainer/ Consultant
Impossible Marketing

• Identify market demand of your products and services – See how many people Google about your products and services online.
• Connect with your customers – Learn the various methods to connect with your customers online.
• Drive free, sustainable and targeted leads to your website – Advantages of SEO and how you can drive free, sustainable and targeted leads to your website.
• Online brand reputation – Customers tend to do research before buying. See how you can protect your reputation online.
• Tips and tricks to improve your Google ranking – If your website is not found on the 1st page of Google, your customers are going to your competitors.

3.00PM – 3.40PM

How to Turn Your Product, Service and Business from Bland to Brand
Catherine Chai, Brand Advisor, Author, Trainer & Facilitator
Broc Consulting Pte Ltd

As the saying goes “If you are not a brand, you are a commodity”. Brand building has been widely acknowledged as an effective tool to help businesses to differentiate themselves to achieve long term profitability. However, many organisations lack a common understanding amongst staff in the branding process resulting in incoherent efforts across departments. In addition, some companies see brand building as a “campaign” effort, and fail to nurture and grow the brand/s over time with new initiatives. The truth is brand building is strategic and requires long term commitment.

In this talk, let Catherine Chai share with you key insights on how to turn your product, service and business From Bland to Brand, and avoid the pitfalls in your brand building journey.

4.30PM – 5.10PM

Digital Marketing: Increase Sales Conversion Rate from Existing Database using Automated Content Marketing
Jason Ang, Director & Co-Founder
Visibiliti Pte Ltd

Many times, companies talk about lead generation using Google, Facebook & SEO. While these platforms are necessary in today’s context, it only fulfils the front end part of the marketing, it does not complete the entire marketing funnel. In the lead generation effort, there will always be people that sign up or enquire but fail to turn up or convert to actual customers. The list of “drop out” grows larger and larger with each marketing activity.

With marketing automation and content marketing, we can segment the existing database based on the actions that they have taken such as meetings, opening of emails, enquiring, or prospects that didn’t convert into actual customers. A sequence of emails can then be customised and used to engage the different segments with content that is most relevant for them at that point of time to increase sales conversion rate.

Summary: Instead of always increasing your budget for greater reach, leverage on the database that you already have and increase the conversion rate.