The Next Generation Workscape

With trends such as the emphasis on work-life balance, eco-concerns & sustainability, technological shift and need for increased productivity & efficiency shaping the way we work, our landscape is evolving!

In line with these changes, OEA will feature the Next-Generation Workscape.

What is the Next-Generation Workscape?

ico-nextgenworkforce Next-Gen Workforce
  • Work-life harmony
  • Leading a diverse workforce
  • Evolving talent strategy to match the new workforce reality
ico-workspace Next-Gen Workplace
  • Effective collaboration work tools across borders
  • Sustainable offices and going green
  • The open plan workspace
  • Integrating workspace design with technology
  • Office ergonomics for health and productivity
ico-tech Next-Gen Technology
  • Enterprise mobility and security for a smarter workforce
  • ICT infrastructure enhancements for agility and support
  • Seamless connectivity amongst employees, information and resources

Interesting Statistics

  • 60% of employees believed it was unnecessary to be in the office to be productive.
  • 66% of employees surveyed expected IT to allow them to use any device—personal or company issued—to access corporate networks, applications, and information anywhere at any time.
    Source: Cisco Connected World Technology Report
  • More than 90% of companies are planning on spending more on technology investments next year.
    Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, Workplace of the Future Survey
  • Employees now give telecommuting and flexible work hours a 7.7 out of 10 for contribution to job satisfaction.
    Source: Workplace Redefined: Shifting Generational Attitudes During Economic Change

Key concerns in relation to the Next-Generation Workscape

  • Attracting and retaining the best employees, yet providing adequate benefits and managing manpower costs
  • Implementing more flexible work arrangements, yet adequately monitoring the workforce
  • Shifting towards enterprise mobility, yet flanked with intellectual property and security concerns

Shape the next-generation workscape with OEA!