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27 Apr 2016

[Feature Focus] Switch automatically between a sitting and standing desk in 10 seconds with just a wave of a hand!

Did you know that research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns?

As we work, we sit more than we do anything else. Should you adopt a standing desk? They aren’t perfect. They still require you to stand in the same position for eight hours, which can strain your back and knees. What’s more – manually switching a workspace between sitting and standing can be time-consuming.

Introducing TableAir: The most advanced standing desk there is in the market currently. Height changing has never been this ninja-like. With the simply push of a button and hovering your hand above it, TableAir switches automatically between a sitting and standing desk in about 10 seconds!

By synchronising your phone with the table, it is also possible to adjust the height through your phone, allowing it to be ready before you even arrive. Equipped with custom ambient LED lights, it is easily fits in all environments and also can be matched to your mood. When not in use, it becomes part of the interior design.

Infused with unique Linak electric motor technology, the lifting process is also very silent and pleasant. Its removable legs make it easy to assemble, and it can carry up to 100kg.

Designed to be a working partner rather than just a tool, the table also compromises of USB and three pin plug sockets so that unnecessary wires will not overcrowd the table. Users can have more room to place important stuff and be organised at the same time. The desk is a table, mood setter, and even a personal trainer. Through the use of the phone application, it can remind users to change positions after a period of time. This allows users to take a break from sitting, reducing posture and health related problems. These small features of the table may seem redundant but they are included with the goal of improving your working life further.

As sitting down for an extended period of time is an inevitable working hazard of office jobs, TableAir improves your circumstances by switching up your routine to reduce the effect that working hazards have on your body.

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