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29 Apr 2016

Interview: Secretlab’s founders, Alaric and Ian on Success and Brand Aspiration

Secretlab is a new Singapore startup that develops ergonomic chairs made for long hours of computer usage. Originally engineered for gamers, it will be officially launched for the corporate market this June.

The Office Expo Asia Team checked in with Alaric and Ian, founders of Secretlab to speak about their success and to reveal aspirations for their brand.

  1. Hi Alaric and Ian! Secretlab has achieved great success in the gaming chair market since your launch in 2015. When you look back, what would you attribute most to your success?
    Alaric: Ian recognising the gap in the market was pivotal but it was our mentality of winning at all costs that made all the difference. We encountered a number of problems that would have had most people throw in the towel but we were relentless in our approach. Our team is also very young and capable, and they’ve been running our daily operations excellently.

  2. What’s been the biggest creative challenge in your career to date?
    Alaric: Being new players we pitted ourselves against established global brands that had a wide array of product lines and the benefit of deep pockets. We needed to develop a product that would be superior in both aesthetics and performance on a smaller budget.

  3. Tell us about some brands you admire. What makes them stand out?
    Ian: A few brands that we really admire and have drawn influence from are Aftershock, Razer & Xiaomi.

    We've drawn a lot of influence from Aftershock's underdog story. They've managed to succeed by always placing customers first, something we take a lot of influence from.

    Razer is the brand that made gaming peripherals a necessity for every heavy computer user. Before Razer, everyone was using normal mice & keyboards. They have managed to create a multi-billion dollar industry by themselves. We intend to do the same for Secretlab - but in the form of chairs.

    Xiaomi has top class management and processes. They have not only made quality smartphones very accessible, low margins, but have managed to turn a huge profit while doing it.

  4. Why have you decided to participate in Office Expo Asia?
    Ian: We’ve always raised huge interest amongst crowds during Consumer IT Exhibitions, because our products are so unique, specialised, and are actually worthwhile purchases. A portion of our customer base are actually corporate buyers, so we’ve decided to participate in OEA 2016 to see if we can raise similar traction as the Consumer IT Exhibitions.

  5. What can we look forward to when we visit your booth?
    Alaric: We are excited to be launching our corporate branding arm of Secretlab. Companies have increasingly recognised the health and productivity benefits of ergonomic chairs. Now for the first time, corporate companies will be able to customise their ergonomic Secretlab chairs with their own logos and designs.

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