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04 May 2016

[Feature Focus] Your Personal Digital Doctor. Perform 12 body assessment checks in a mere 30 seconds!

Singapore, despite being such a small country, is renowned for being among the forerunners in the corporate world. One of the major contributing factors is the fact that Singaporeans for work the longest period of time. Based on Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s quarterly Labour Market report in 2014, Singapore has an average of 2389.4 hours hence giving our little red dot that title. Indeed with the long working hours in a day, there is no surprise that Singapore obesity rate among the working adults population is also rising.

Quality time spent on your family is definitely important and should not be compromised but what about one’s health? How often do Singaporeans go for health screenings or check-ups? In this society, work and family has already taken the priority spot in our hearts, when else will we have the time to make our way down to the doctor’s for a health check?

Ignorance is not bliss. That is why Dr. Carrot was born.

Dr. Carrot Health Kiosk is capable of accomplishing 12 body assessment checks in a mere 30 seconds. Simply look for any of these kiosks on our tiny island and monitor your health. A mobile phone application version has also been released to make finding these kiosks even easier.

The Dr. Carrot Health Kiosk:

Performs and indicates up to 12 different readings during a body analysis test:
  Height, Weight, BMI, Body Fat %, Fat Free Mass, Water %, Water Mass, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Blood Pressure Measurement, Heart Rate Measurement, Ultrasonic Height Measurement.
Helps manage overall health and identifies early symptoms of chronic health complications.
Incorporates state-of-the-art technology.
Proudly designed and built in Singapore.

Take for example the Bone Density Percentage reading. Thinning of the bone leads to osteoporosis and potential major medical issues. If detected earlier or prevented, the medical costs can be eliminated or kept to a minimum!

Dr. Carrot Health Kiosk encourages Singaporeans to understand their body composition and to be actively engaged in the learning experience of personal health and wellness.

Stay healthy so that you can spend more time with your family. Your health is your own responsibility.

The number of Singaporeans aged 65 is said to be tripled by year 2030 to 900,000 as indicated in the Population White paper from National Talent Population Department (NTPD). As age increases within our population, they will develop Non –Communicable diseases (NCD). This can pose a serious threat to the economy if this is not effectively managed in the coming years.

According to the National Health Survey, obesity has been on the rise from 6.9% to 8.3% from 2004 to 2013. It is also reported in Strait Times in 2 Dec 2015 that Singapore has the second-highest proportion of diabetics among developed nations, a new report by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) revealed. While there are more case studies that supports the need for aggressive change in diet and ramping up exercise of Singaporeans, this insinuates the importance of behavioural change within society and the need for more to be done at both national and organisational level.

There is only a fixed number of hours in a day and there is much to be done! We are constantly pressed for timelines from the top and all this causes stress and contributes largely to diminishing health for individuals at work, in the long run.

We must remember that while we are working hard at the office we should never compromise our health, but instead maintain and find ways to constantly improve it, even at work. This way being healthy is not just a cause of action but a lifestyle.

The difference between a healthy employee and an unhealthy one will be in the areas of productivity and energy levels which constitutes to one’s mental and physical performance at work. Self-confidence will be the first exhibited improvement that you will notice. Additionally, and improved health quality allows individuals to share quality time with their loved ones and family.

Having access to your body composition is the first step of knowing where you stand in your overall health status. Getting the correct information based on your health status, enjoying the process of learning how to do so, and having easy accessibility to them will spur and encourage you on this healthy transformational journey.

With the power of today’s technology and digital innovation, employees from all walks of life can attain good health with the touch of the tip of your finger. Dr. Carrot Kiosk can be your personal Digital Doctor deployed at your office with personalised mobile application to guide and transform into a healthier and fitter you.

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