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11 May 2016

Interview: How One Technology Company Comes Through in the Competitive Marketplace

Singsys' strength lies in their employees. personal dedication to every client. The Office Expo Asia Team speaks with Mr Sri Shukla, Director at Singsys.

  1. Hi Mr Shukla, could you tell us more about what Singsys does?
    Sri Shukla: Singsys is the centralised solutions for all your custom web design and mobile application development needs. I visualise Singsys as a company owned by its employees, where everyone is self-managed requiring zero supervision. Total self-sustenance, and owning a vast portfolio of its own products and large base of patented intellectual properties.

  2. As compared to other companies in the field, what would you say to be your unique selling point?
    Sri Shukla: Firstly, we aren't a profit focused company. Singsys is a result of my long-driven dream to provide employment opportunities to capable hands. Our key USP is offering affordable quality solutions to our customers by dedicated efforts. Our reliable and trustworthy team has high self-esteem and a sense of ownership. They are also willing to go an extra mile to satisfy our customers. 

  3. Tell us about the most interesting project you have worked with your clients on? What was the response to it?
    Sri Shukla: Very recently we have deployed a service provisioning based mobile solution which provides parcel delivery services similar to the Uber concept. Our client has experienced an overwhelming response and the numbers are rising in folds every day, currently in thousands. Having said that, we have successfully played our hands in Disruptive Technologies.

  4. The digital world is evolving rapidly due to the high level of competition. What kind of solutions do you provide to your clients so that their website and mobile applications stay current and attractive?
    Sri Shukla: With the current high level of competition, our key concentration is on the UI feeling of our clients’ website and mobile apps. We do not utilise any readily available template-based solutions, but each design is self-customised and drafted. We keep in mind our clients’ business processes and market presence. A team including a business analyst, project manager, UI/ UX designer, software engineer and tester works on every project.

We follow a Methodology "Discuss > Create > Refine > Verify > Deliver." 

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