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13 May 2016

[Feature Focus] Launching in Asia at OEA 2016. Framery Q – The new soundproof booth designed for two users.

Silence is key for productivity to flourish. It is only achieved when employees are deeply engrossed in their work (minus discussions and meetings). However academic studies1 show that office workers are distracted roughly every 3 minutes and can take up to 29 minutes to get back on track depending on the type of distraction.

In this sense, are discussions limited to the meeting room?

Introducing Framery Q – a soundproof booth designed for 2 users.

It offers a quiet and comfortable space designed for 2 users to have meetings, brainstorming sessions and important conversations.

The booth includes all the equipment you need to make things easy – a table top, air ventilation system, electric socket and LED lighting. It delivers an echo-free, fresh and comfortable working environment.

Framery Q can be crafted to suit your needs in various ways from a wide range of useful accessories, fashionable colours and comfortable seat options.

The best part, with its compact size, it can be installed in the middle of the office making it extremely convenient for people to utilise it. The shortened distance encourages people to take their discussions and calls indoors hence reducing the distractions in office.

Maximising productivity has been a headache for many employers. Now that this invention has been introduced, employers are one step closer to fully utilising the employees’ attention span.

Embrace the silence and improve the efficiency of your resources today.

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