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18 May 2016

Interview: Move it or lose it! Move your body or lose it to illnesses.

The Office Expo Asia Team speaks with Ms Krescenthia David, Director at Kresics Fitness about health and fitness. Read on for her personal tips!

  1. Hi Krescenthia, what prompted you to start Kresics Fitness?
    I have a passion to keep everyone healthy, and to increase everyone’s awareness of their own body. Basically educating individual’s how to improve their health and well-being.

  2. What are your thoughts about health and wellness in Singapore?
    Singapore has advanced very much in the health and wellness areas, however, needs more open mindedness when it comes to an individual’s body and age. When I first arrived in Singapore and was visiting companies for health and wellness and on-site exercise programmes, they told me they are "old" and can’t exercise. However, my oldest client that I trained was 95 years old.

    You are as old as you say you are. I always say I am “18 years at heart, forever young”. Mindset.

    A fitness guy in USA is 89 years old, however, his body tested to be 29 years old, his bone density, muscle elasticity, etc., because he trains in the gym and eats healthy. Routine body assessment is essential, just like “brushing your teeth” daily. Individuals need to check their body weekly, because within 11 months many acute and chronic diseases can develop. Monitoring your body fat and water percentages etc. will help keep the body healthy.

  3. How would you advise companies in incorporating exercise or pre and post workout regiments into their work schedule?
    I would advise companies to assist in motivating their staff with an weekly exercise programme and quarterly health talks to teach them about their bodies. Everyone says that computers and cars are complicated technology.

    Actually, the human body is the most complex. There is so much to learn, as I studied it in University for my Fitness Degree. I feel individuals need to know their body.

  4. To close, can you share some tips on how you keep yourself healthy?
    First, I would like to tell everyone, you must love yourself, who you are. You are uniquely made and there is no one like you. That inner love for yourself will overflow upon others, and you can share joy with others. A positive attitude will take you very far in life, to never give up and press on. I would say I start with my heart and mind first, keep them healthy, and happy and clean, love everyone, hate no one.

    Second, my personal routine in the gym includes training with weights to tone my body and keep my bones strong. I also do cardiovascular training by teaching aerobics, I love to teach aerobics, kick boxing, etc. I just love to exercise; it’s a joy to take care of the body that was given to me at birth. I really enjoy eating Singapore food, it is very delicious, however, we need to balance it with dietary options such as wholemeal bread, etc. Many people abuse their bodies by not eating healthy, smoking, drinking alcohol, eating fried foods. The body can’t handle this, so it breaks down and becomes ill. Just like a car – it will break down if it is not given good quality petroleum.

    Third, I always keep my body moving. Do exercises that you as an individual finds enjoyable, then you will make it a lifestyle and be consistent with your regular exercise routine. The moment you stop, your joints will “freeze”. MOVE IT OR LOSE IT. Move your body or lose it to illnesses. I wish everyone a healthy and happy life!

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