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02 Jun 2016

Learn how you can cultivate a healthy workforce with the benefits of cold pressed juices

Consumers are moving towards healthier habits: cold pressed juices, Nordic diet, biodynamic, vegan diet and more. There is no shortage of healthy trends that savvy consumers are following to improve their health and lifestyle!

We know the importance of having healthier diets which is why we want to share the goodness of cold pressed juices. Greens and fruits are a prime, natural source of vital nutrients, vitamins and living enzymes- which are crucial for our daily intake. To experience the full benefit they need to be consumed raw. For example, you could cook an apple but that would destroy the inherent raw nutrients within, likewise for many greens. Daily Juice’s cold press process involves zero-heat juice extraction, retaining the maximum amount of enzymes and nutrients as compared to other methods.

Our juice is not only part of a healthy diet but it’s also easy and convenient to adopt. We deliver them direct to homes and workplaces for convenience and freshness. Stored in airtight bottles and chilled, these juices retain their nutritional value for up to 3 days.

Today, the government provides a Workplace Health Promotion Grant to support organisations that have workplace health programmes planned for their employees. With companies spending more on programmes that aid staff health and wellness, we know that cultivating a healthy workplace environment is essential in the current context. Some companies provide baskets of fruits every Monday for employees, or reimburse spending on health and wellness. A regular cold pressed juice subscription is poised to be a healthier option for such initiatives.

Stress is commonplace in workplaces. Cravings for snacks and unearthly food often surface under stress (aka. emotional eating). Having juices regularly can wean our taste buds away from such cravings. Cold pressed juice not only provides the maximum nutrients of the fruits and greens but by diminishing such cravings, it can restore balance to our daily intake of nutrients.

Our pressed juices offer a variety of plant-based minerals and vitamins. We advocate eating the rainbow; different coloured produce renders different essential vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Having variety ensures balanced bodily systems; be they metabolic, immunity and even the nervous system. Our top favourites, Krypto, Barnie, Supdoc, not only provide much needed Vitamins A and C but their ingredients help to fight cancer and cardiac illnesses.

Healthier employees are generally more productive from a corporate standpoint too. They work more efficiently, requires less sick leave and possess better morale in general. Health welfare for employees shows how companies care for their employees as a whole, making them feel valued. Happier employees produce better work.

Cold pressed juices can cost more than normal juices, fruits or greens. But they provide better value. Our juices are unsweetened; they do not contain preservatives and are undiluted. They are also the optimal form for our body to absorb the essential nutrients. Even stuffing oneself with greens or fruits would not yield same impact nutritionally. According to Nielsen’s Global Health and Wellness Report, “health attributes are most important to emerging-market respondents, who are also most willing to pay a premium for health benefits.” People are willing to spend more for a healthier diet, and many are already integrating these cold pressed juices into their daily diet. Now savvy organisations are taking cue from individuals and doing likewise for employees.

We are dedicated to offering new and exciting juices to help make them an exciting way of life and work. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you’ll regularly see new nutrient dense pressed juices, smoothies and nutmylks updates from us.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is holistic and well-rounded. Hence, Daily Juice also offers salads, snacks, and partnerships with fitness providers to bundle wellness products and services. We conduct workshops in corporate spaces on juicing, cleansing, detox dealing with how to enhance health and wellbeing simply and effectively. A hands-on workshop enables us to share not just the goodness of the product, but also answer any personal questions some may have.

We would love to help you be healthy everyday too.

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