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10 Jun 2016

Interview: Juice for Health!

The Office Expo Asia Team speaks with Roger and Susanna about their passion for juicing, their favourite juices and life as an entrepreneur.

  1. Hi Roger and Susanna, how did Daily Juice come about?
    We were actually finding a cure for a loved one who was ill and had come upon the benefits of greens and fruits. We researched on it and realised the wonders of cold pressed juices. He tried the daily program of juices for several months. There was a dramatic improvement to his health, which made us wanting to share the benefits with more people.

    We founded Daily Juice with the purpose of enabling our friends and community to enjoy the benefits of juicing regardless of life and work patterns.

  2. How has the journey been so far?
    It has been challenging and fulfilling. Starting a business was what I have wanted to do for a really long time. Seeing my dream coming to fruition is a blessing. I have learnt so much from this – life, relationships; it makes me grow, polishes my character. It is a steep learning curve, but we are finding joy every single day.

  3. Could you describe your typical work day?
    My phone will be buzzing with messages by employees in the morning. But nonetheless, I will always start my day with a juice before facing these challenges. There will be meetings with clients, staff, and suppliers. That will be my typical workday. The highlight of the day will be when we get to create new flavours and food items.

  4. Do you have any tips on juice selection for those who are looking to include juices as part of their diet?
    For beginners, I would suggest to start with vegetable juices with a good portion of fruits. The easiest way to fulfil our daily micronutrients requirement is to drink 2 bottles of cold pressed juices. We would always recommend drinking more vegetables juices or at least 80% vegetable based content, as it helps to provide the micronutrients that we don’t usually get from the processed food we eat. One bottle of vegetable juice can easily contain up to 2 kg of vegetables in which we normally won’t eat that much per meal.

  5. You mentioned that you always start your day with a juice. Can you tell us what is your favourite combination and why?
    Barnie is my favourite juice. I will definitely drink at least one Barnie a day. It has a lovely colour too. With its ingredients of beet, carrot, ginger, lemon, and green apple, it provides the nutrients required to supply our liver to cleanse and rebuild blood. And importantly, Barnie also helps my bowels to be regular.

    Another drink that I will take it regularly is Carat, which is made from apple and carrot. It is a staple juice. It is nice and easy to take. Not only it provides the much needed Vitamins A and C, the ingredients also help to fight cancer and cardiac disease.

  6. Is there any exciting development for Daily Juice in the pipeline?
    We are experimenting with raw, vegan food, snacks and cakes. We want to be able to give people an option for healthy living that is convenient. Having cold pressed juices is not just about being cleansed the whole day, but also juicing on a regular basis. We understand that what we chew on is important. We want to put the real ingredients as unprocessed as possible. We want to promote healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle.

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