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17 Jun 2016

Maximising Room Utilisation with Ecobook

Meeting rooms are a prized asset for any organisation. It is where employees gather to exchange ideas, discuss progress and solve problems. In today’s dynamic world, meetings are becoming more and more crucial because of remote teams, multiple branch offices and a mobile workforce.

The supply of meeting rooms always seems to be outstripping demand and it is not simple to open up new meeting rooms due to space and financial constraints.

Many of today’s businesses have sufficient rooms that have been invested in. However, their utilisation falls to abysmal levels due to a lack of proper control over them. For example, meetings that are booked but not used can cause a drastic reduction in utilisation and a tremendous opportunity loss for staff who really need them. Some organisations use primitive means of managing reservations such as using spread sheets or Google calendar, that lead to double bookings, clashes and preferential reservation that can cause much confusion and loss of productivity.

It is essential for organisations to have control over their meeting rooms so that usage is maximised while proper controls are in place. For example:

So, when does an organisation need a booking system?

If you face any of the challenges that are identified below, then you will require a meeting room booking system that helps you improve your utilisation and operations.

There are many ways to book meeting rooms. From simple systems such as QR-code based bookings to more fancy room display units that show the current meeting and the ability to book meetings directly from the room itself. There are options for booking systems that are cloud based which run on a pay-per-use model to enterprise licenses that integrate with HR and Finance systems to provide a central portal for meeting room management.

Ecobook, provides all these functionalities for businesses of all types and sizes. We specialise in maximising the usage of your meeting rooms while maintaining a high level of productivity for your staff. Our systems are designed to eliminate wasted time in terms of double bookings, clashes in timings, coordination of various aspects of setting up and running meetings.

Ecobook is used by some of the largest hospitals in Singapore and has been around for nearly a decade. Ecobook has helped businesses save money and time and improve the efficiency of operations by reducing the time needed to book a meeting and its associated services.

Ecobook also expands to allow businesses to book other assets such as equipment, vehicles, courses, corporate passes and manpower services – all within the same interface.

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