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27 Jun 2016

Interview: Addressing Meeting Room Booking Challenges with Ease

Book meeting rooms with ease! The Office Expo Asia Team speaks with Mr. Prasanna about Ecobook – developed to address their customers’ pain points.

Hi Mr. Prasanna, could you tell us more about what Skynapse Business Technology does?
Skynapse is a technology company established in 2006 serving the private and government sector and specialising in Microsoft based technologies. Skynapse has been providing custom as well as COTS products from Microsoft such as Dynamics, SharePoint, BizTalk and related technologies for its customer. Skynapse is a Microsoft Partner and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In the last few years, we have been focussed on cloud based solutions that provide value add to small and medium sized companies.

Why did you decide to develop the facilities booking system software – Ecobook?
We identified a problem with our customers when they were attempting to book rooms. There were situations where booking a meeting room in itself became an undertaking that could span hours. Selecting the room, coordinating with facilities, coordinating with catering and service requests and ensuring set-up and re-arrangement of facilities. We decided to work with the customer to develop a system that brings all these things into one central portal that can improve the productivity of the users while also maximising the utilization of the facilities. This system was a huge hit with our customer who saw improved productivity. Now, after 8 years of continuous operations, they manage more than 150 facilities and provide access to over 8,000 staff to use. Booking times were reduced from a few hours to a couple of minutes. We saw a huge potential in this area and decided to productise the system and bring the same improvements and benefits to other companies that face the same challenges. 

How does Synapses’ Ecobook solution differ from that of other vendors?
Our system was not designed and developed in a vacuum. It was designed by working with our customers to address their pain points. As a result, many of the functionalities that have been incorporated into our product have real-world application. Ecobook has a fine balance between functional complexity and usability. No two businesses are the same and Ecobook has been designed with that core concept in mind. It is quite flexible to cater to varying business and operational models. It can also be extended to work with existing systems that are available to the customer such as visitor management, facilities management, building automation, card access and human resource and finance system. IT departments do not have to overhaul their existing infrastructure as it sits comfortably in their environment.

With the rapidly changing technology scene, how does your company keep up?
Technology provides us with the avenue to make the operations of our customers simpler and more effective. We leverage on new technologies that can help drive business results for our customers. We have an internal R&D lab that tests and validates new technologies that can be applied to our products to make them more functional, robust and friendly. For example, our initial product was an enterprise version of the booking system. With the advancement of the cloud, we have re-designed the product to work on the cloud. Now we can target SMEs who face the same challenges that large enterprises face, but do not have the budget to acquire and maintain such systems. We are also leveraging on mobile and tablet based technologies to allow easier access to the information that is needed for them to conduct effective meetings.

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