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28 Jun 2016

Never worry about food in your office again with Grain

Mid-day food comas are the worst, and we have all experienced it in one way or another. Most often, it is caused by a heavy (oil-laden) lunch, or a lack of energy as a result of too much work.

Enter Grain (www.grain.com.sg). We created Grain to help everyone eat better, and conveniently. By working with the best chefs, using high-quality raw ingredients and creative cooking techniques, we deliver delicious and wholesome food anywhere in Singapore.

We know it is tough to figure out the perfect food service for your office. Want a team lunch for 30 on Monday? Planning meals for a workshop on Thursday? Have a special event for 200? Let us take care of that. With our weekly changing menu, things are kept exciting for new surprises each week. Expect well-executed dishes of various cuisines such as the Deconstructed Togarashi Chicken Rice Burger, Tunisian Mozzarella and Mushroom Shakshuka etc.

The Grain menu is always thoughtfully crafted with you in mind. Our in-house team of culinary Masterchefs designs the menu so that there is always something you will want to eat, something you will enjoy, and something you will not forget. Save yourself energy and time fighting with the long lines during lunch hours - we deliver right to your doorstep. If you’re ordering for a group in the office, there is no delivery fee.

Our corporate client base have also taken advantage of our Corporate Wellness service to offer delicious and nutritious Grain meals to their employees, as part of their overall workplace wellness strategy. With recurring Grain meals, employees are kept healthy, happy and productive. Together with our nutritionist partners, Grain complements your existing workplace wellness programs to also support talent attraction and retention – a key human-resource goal.

We also have a meticulously-crafted buffet line that runs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. For your next event, discard the regular bee hoon, ditch the vegetable medley and forget the fried chicken wings. Dream bigger with us - think Honey Dijon Chicken, Sous-vide Lamb, Scottish Salmon and more. Serve your bosses, colleagues and clients delicious and wholesome Grain food that they will always remember. 

We offer a range of price points to suit your budgets. We are also 100% no pork, no lard, for the most inclusive experience for everyone.

Trust us when we say, never worry about food in your office again.

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