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29 Jun 2016

We Drive Your Deliveries

Incorporated in April 2015, Zap Delivery Pte Ltd operates a cloud-based urban logistics platform that provides online storeowners, corporates and consumers with fast, secure and reliable on-demand courier delivery service. By user for users, the co-founders Michael Tan and Alexander Danilov experienced tremendous inconvenience through their experience with deliveries while doing online shopping in late 2014. A comprehensive research shows that the state of the logistics and delivery industry in Singapore and the Southeast Asia still lags severely behind the rest of the western world and even in China. An idea was conceptualized and the Company would be born April of the next year, while product design and development gathers pace.

The service is available as IOS and Android apps for consumers and on web for corporates and online storeowners. Once an order is placed, the app will match the sender with the nearest available courier for a speedy pick-up and super fast delivery, with a guarantee the item will delivered to the intended recipient within two hours. A proprietary authentication technology which is patent pending, verifies each party to the transaction to ensure an item is picked up from the right sender and delivered to the intended recipient.

To ensure the reliability of Zap Delivery’s service, all courier partners go through comprehensive screening through an internally devised scoring system prior to their engagement qualification and on boarding. Users will be able to participate in the rating of the service rendered after the completion of each transaction and in that helps drive couriers to provide high quality service. Likewise, couriers will also be able to rate the senders, thus achieving the benefits of a community driven quality assurance.

Key App Features
Drawing inspiration from the public’s familiarity and trust in the One-Time Password (OTP) commonly used in secure banking transactions, Zap Delivery features a similar authentication technology, which replaces the arbitrary signatures that traditional couriers usually use to confirm delivery receipts. This process ensures that items arrive not only safely, but also to the rightful recipients. Additionally, the app features real-time tracking that allows senders to know the exact location of their items, every step of the way.

With a transparent and attractive pricing structure, and a cashless payment system in place, Zap Delivery is able to keep express delivery costs affordable for users, from as low as S$5.

Zap Delivery’s uniqueness is a testament to its recognition at the local and international level and it has won the following awards:

Zap4Biz E-commerce Platform
Provide e-businesses with One-click Access to On-demand Delivery and Same Day Delivery for Multiple Items Through Innovative Workflow and Intelligent System

Zap Delivery recently launched its new Zap4Biz e-commerce delivery platform that allows online storeowners to wow their customers with on-demand delivery. The platform offers tight integration with stand-alone e-commerce stores or online marketplaces to offer their customers the option of immediate delivery or same day delivery, as opposed to the 1-3 days delivery lead-time required by existing service providers.

“We did not start out to develop a Uber for courier service. Instead, we spent a lot of time internally and with external logistics consultants to dissect and analyse the delivery journey through business process re-engineering and rebuild a more efficient delivery journey with shorter chains, around our Zap4Biz e-commerce platform. The shorter chain and automation of key processes resulted in lesser mistakes, shorter delivery times and costs savings for e-commerce merchants. We can sort 200 items in less than 2 minutes at the merchant facility and have our guys pick up and embark on their respective delivery routes.” said Michael Tan.

Providing Opportunities to Monetise Spare Time into Extra Income
Harnessing the power of crowdsourcing, anyone who is eligible and looking for additional income can partner Zap Delivery to provide a courier service. The app matches courier partners with the nearest customers who need immediate service within their vicinity. Zap Delivery’s courier partners can act upon delivery requests immediately, without having to go through a hub-and-spoke network used by traditional courier services. With this system, they will be empowered to complete more deliveries and earn a higher supplementary or main income, as compared to being traditional couriers. They are also free to choose their preferred modes of transportation – from driving, cycling to hopping onto the public transportation network or even a hoverboard.

Zap Delivery currently has a network of more than 1,000 courier partners, across Singapore, and the company hopes to engage 5,000 courier partners by end 2016, catering to more orders and further shorten the time of delivery.

People-oriented and Social Innovation
When the company was founded in 2015, there were only two employees, but it has since grown into a team of 27 people, with a strong R&D team of 15 staff. It congregates people of different races and skin colour, with staff from 4 countries and 6 ethnic races in a highly diversified and international working environment. This helps to promote a creative corporate culture and stimulate vitality in the company.

Michael Tan, founder and CEO of Zap Delivery, has over 20 years of experience in consulting and investment in Asia, supported by co-founder, Alexander Danilov, the youngest Ph.D. Social Philosophy of Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University in Russia, also boosts over 12 years of experience in the technology and consulting sector. This strong team of seasoned business executives with over 60 years of experience and supported by an advisory board with over 85 years experience behind them, have paved the way for the company to excel in its chosen market, at the same time assuring its rapid and steady growth.

To Zap Delivery, product development remains its core task now, and it is constantly improving its delivery platform and applications, targeting to achieve 25,000 downloads by end of 2016. The company is also making plans to enter the global market, expanding its operations to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh and other Southeast Asian markets, and after which, planning to set up an office in San Francisco to break into the US market.

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