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23 Mar 2017

Resource List #001

Workplace Design & Ergonomics

Ergonomic considerations for the design stage
A poorly designed workspace can affect employees’ work performance and efficiency. In a worst case scenario, injuries may even occur. To prevent any mishaps when working, design your workspace properly so that comfort, productivity and accessibility are all optimised.

The office furniture of the future actually looks pretty good
Steelcase and Microsoft collaborates to make office furniture and workspaces that look aesthetically-pleasing and are comfortable and productive for work at the same time.

Environmental ergonomics in an office workplace
Besides the furniture and design of a workspace, the environmental factors are something to keep track of as well when planning your office workspace. The environment around one’s workspace has an impact on their comfort and productivity when working.

Create a workspace that will work for your employees
There are many different ways to design an office workspace. The problem is finding a design that will encourage good relations between the employees sharing the office.

Going green – Five office design trends to watch this year
Besides going green, there are other ways to spruce up an office workspace. What are some of the trends of office design this year?

Green Workspaces & Buildings

A green office equals a productive office
Is making your office a green office worth it? There are benefits to having a green office as your workplace.

Why Amsterdam’s The Edge is a model for green offices worldwide
The Edge is an innovative office building in Zuidas designed by architect Ron Bakker, founding partner of PLP Architecture. Considered to be the smartest and sustainable office in the world, the Edge helps its inhabitants to have a better and more productive work life.

An office building so green it actually produces energy
In an attempt to encourage more offices to go green, Sustainable Waterloo Region, the Cora Group, and EY Canada collaborate to build an office known as Evolv1. The energy-efficient building is said to produce more energy than it uses.

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