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06 Apr 2017

Resource List #002

Office Technology and Automation

Canon’s office automation solutions driving digital transformation in businesses
Canon’s new office automation device is made to help reduce administrative duties on employees.

Konica Minolta developing office automation hub for SMBs
Konica Minolta’s Workspace Hub, estimated to launch in spring 2018, is catered to small and medium enterprises as a means to fulfill needs that could not be fulfilled before.

The automation opportunity in financial services
As businesses all over starts opening up to digitization, the financial industry tries it hand in setting up digital services for its customers as well.

Why automation could soon be coming to a restaurant near you
As labour costs continues to rise, eateries are considering using robots to compensate for the increasing expenses of hiring workers.

Green Workspaces & Buildings

Top 10 list of office essentials
Some people have to work in their offices for long hours. So, to make their office space more comfortable to work in, why not personalise it?

Office essentials that even the business-of-one should invest in (for the new year)
What are the things that are absolutely necessary in any kind of office?

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