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20 Apr 2017

Resource List #003

Workforce Development

Missing pieces in workforce development
When people talk about workforce development, there are some areas that they do not touch on even though they are crucial aspects of workforce development. These areas should be more talked about so that workforce development can have an even greater improvement.

How do Singapore’s workers develop their skills?
Most of Singapore’s employees rely on their own job experiences and self-learning to develop their skills.

Government pledges to work with businesses to prep for future economy
Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Teo Chee Hean shares what the government plans to do so that Singapore is prepared for the future economy and also how the workforce will benefit from the plans.

Workforce Singapore to prioritise human capital: Lim Swee Say
Singapore’s workforce growth has fallen from four percent every year to one percent. Workforce Singapore, Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency, strives to improve current workers’ skills to counter the falling numbers of human resource.

Business Solutions

Security solutions for smart home and business
With the increasing danger of cybercrime, security solutions are a must-have for your computers to prevent vital information from getting stolen.

SP Marketplace offers intranet solution on Office 365 – SP Intranet Portal – at no cost
With the purchase of any of their Operational Portal offerings, SP Marketplace will give away their intranet solution SP Intranet Portal as well.

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