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19 May 2017

Resource List #005

Workspace Design & Ergonomics

Opinion: Five ways to design health into your work
A good workspace design does not only improve productivity in the office, but the health of the employees as well.

Intuitive office design
Steven Charlton from Perkins+Will Middle East design firm offers a few design tips for a smart office design.

How workspace design can affect the bottomline
Workspace design can affect your employees’ productivity and your company’s profit.

Making design work: ergonomics shapes today’s workspaces
When designing your workspace, taking a look at the ergonomics that might help you come up with a more effective design.

The workplaces of 2017 will see a revolution in design
What are the trends of workspace design in 2017?

Office Technology & Automation

How to bring humanity and tech together: innovators and advocates on hope for the future
More technology is being introduced not just in the office, but to the whole world. How do we ensure that technology will not become our downfall?

Service management technology: how businesses can maximise investment with automation
Automation in the office can make things more convenient for everyone involved, not to mention certain processes can be done faster as well.

13 things to know about how automation impacts jobs
As automation is introduced into more and more industries, people get worried about how their jobs will be affected. What exactly are the effects that automation has on people’s jobs?

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