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01 Jun 2017

Resource List #006

Business Solutions

Singapore Tourism Board crowdsourcing solutions for travel industry issues
The Singapore Tourism Board hopes to solve key problems and provide opportunities in the industry with creative business solutions.

Developing an innovation mindset
Singapore’s various industries provide examples on how their businesses can go digital.

Creating new value with digital transformation
The many industries in Singapore are starting to adopt technology into their work as a way to reduce costs and improve work efficiency.

Workforce Development

Workforce development educators need to use ‘tools of the times’ to teach in today’s contexts
Is the way skills being taught to the workforce the correct way? Or is there a better way to teach the skills that they need? First, we need to find out what needs to be taught.

Workforce Singapore certifies 88 HR professionals under pilot programme
In a bid to strengthen the HR profession in Singapore, 88 HR professionals underwent the pilot programme for the national HR certificate.

Here’s what Singapore is doing to create new jobs, redeploy displaced workers and upskill workers
Singapore’s SkillsFuture programme, started in January 2016, helps the workforce find and/or retain jobs even as an increasing number of people are looking for jobs.

May Day Rally: Singapore has to work hard to tackle rising unemployment, says PM Lee
Prime Minsiter Lee Hseing Loong addresses the problem of unemployment in Singapore and how Singapore is tackling it in at the May Day Rally.

Tech can make workforce more inclusive: Swee Say

Singapore was invited to the G-20 meeting where Minister of Manpower, Mr Lim Swee Say, gave a speech about welcoming technology into the industries.

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