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08 Jun 2017

Training Up Your Work Skills

With the implementation of technology to all industries, job scopes everywhere are changing to accommodate this development.

To help with the higher requirements of current jobs, the Government launched SkillsFuture at the start of last year to provide opportunities for employees to gain more skills for their jobs.

What SkillsFuture does is to promote the skill mastery in every job, encouraging employees to acquire more skills needed to fully excel in their jobs.

Having said that, here are some ways that one can learn new skills or refine those that have already been learnt:

Training Courses
Training courses can be provided by either your company or an outside vendor. A training course is usually held like a lecture or seminar that you attend with several other people. Usually, after the course, you will be presented with a certificate stating your successful completion and qualification of the skill you chose to learn.

E-learning, as it implies, is learning electronically via the Internet. You will be given a set of materials through the web and you will be tested on them in order to ensure your understanding. As e-learning is more time-flexible compared to a training course, it will be more suitable for you if you have a time constraint for learning or refining skills.

Part-time School
A classroom based learning, although it may be similar to a training course, part-time schooling is done over a longer period of time and covers much more materials that a training course. Such part-time courses are provided by schools such as polytechnics and private institutions. If you wish to learn more about subjects or skills that are not related to your current industry, you may wish to choose part-time schooling to help broaden your knowledge.

Training Workshops
A training workshop, unlike a training course, is more hands-on and activity-oriented. Most of the time, workshops are used to teach practical skills such as baking, sewing, and crafts, etc.. If you wish to learn more through a hands-on style or you are a kinaesthetic learner, workshops will be a better choice.

With the ever increasing usage of technology and robots to complete jobs with repetitive processes, we should welcome the opportunity to learn new skills and add them to our repertoire so that we are able to work alongside new technology and contribute something to our work that not even robots can do.

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