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20 Jul 2017

Bid Goodbye to Uninspiring Office Spaces, Brighten Up the Workplace with Art

Leasing paintings is a cost-effective way to eliminate the initial outlay of buying artworks outright. Leasing of paintings is convenient as it can be accounted as an annual expense.

A lot of times companies do not buy artworks as there is a valid concern as to which department within the company has the expertise to manage the collection of art works, the nitty gritty of selection, installation, storage and maintenance can be overwhelming for office staff who are not trained in this field. Leasing frees the company management of this tiresome process.

Leasing can be the first choice when the company needs to move office every few years (which is case for most Singapore-based firms). It can be challenging to fit an existing collection of art into a new office space, our paintings can be leased on an annual basis or matched with the office lease to ensure a smooth transition into a new space.

Paintings are aesthetically appealing but the most important reason why companies, big and small, lease paintings is to break the monotony, when staff and visitors are simply bored of the same look in office. Instead of remodelling the office, just by changing the paintings on the wall, a sense of freshness and renewed energy can be experienced.

Paintings Etc specialises in paintings for offices. Clients can select from a large inventory of landscapes, abstract and semi abstract works. For more information please speak to a Paintings Etc specialist who will provide details about our product offerings.

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