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23 Feb 2018

Resource List #007

The Future of Work: Asia Pacific
Within 25 years half of the world’s jobs will be automated on some estimates. Others point out that only lift operators have completely lost their jobs from automation in the last 50 years. Will you be next? Explore with Think Tank thought leaders as we consider a future where people and machines work seamlessly together, redefining our experiences at work and in our everyday lives.
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5 ways to grow your creativity and productivity at the same time
You don’t need to choose one or the other. By implementing these tactics, you can learn to work smarter as you see your creativity flourish.

Workspace and Design

2018 workplace trend predictions
From healthier, people-centric designed offices to increasingly flexible workspaces, Work Design Magazine shares seven workplace trend predictions they expect to see in 2018.

Workforce Development

The here-to-stay workplace trends HR shouldn’t fear
Exploring 3 areas in human resource that that don’t have to be found just in companies like Apple, Amazon or Google. Embrace and implement these concepts in any type of business because they’re about people management, not a specific industry.

4 ways to help get over career bitterness
When disappointments inevitably happen at work, we can make the mistake of letting that emotion fester into bitterness. Here’s how to healthily process everyday work disappointments, so that you won’t get consumed with unhelpful bitterness.

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