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16 Mar 2018

Resource List #008

Workspace and Design

Tangram Interiors’ DTLA showroom disrupts traditional office design
Located in an older building in downtown Los Angeles, Tangram Interiors showroom fits in perfectly. Acting as both a display of Tangram Studio, Tangram Technology and West Elm Workspace products as well as an office for Tangram’s downtown associates, it isn’t necessarily obvious whether it’s a location open to the trade. Unlike other dealer and manufacturer showrooms downtown, however, this site was chosen not only for its shabby-chic aesthetic but also because it’s so easy to visit; there isn’t a security desk to buzz you in or key pass needed to head up the elevator.

What your office tells you about your company’s culture
The next time you get into the office, take a good look around. What are the characteristics of your space? How does it make you feel you should behave? Who do you think it was built for? What kind of activities do you think it was designed to support?

Like it or not, workspace design betrays a company’s culture. It also has the power to shape it. We are highly sensitive to the behavioural cues embedded in our environments and will unthinkingly adjust our speech, mannerisms, and body language as we adapt to our surroundings.

Question of the week: What do employees want in a workspace?
When it comes to office design, an active workspace might be just what your employees need. Here are three ways to maximise their buy-in.

How to use workspace to build culture, according to HOK’s Tom Marquardt
Leaders focused on creating winning cultures look at big workplace trends – open offices, huddle rooms, collaboration technology platforms – and say, “we need that.”

But are these things definitive or just supportive? How can leaders think about workspace and its role in creating culture?

Business Automation

Global 2018 trends that will influence business automation
Today, business takes place online and on mobile all around the globe, 24/7. Automating everyday business processes and workflows has become hugely important in 2018 as many companies realise that manual processes may not cut it in a world where they must act with unprecedented speed to meet customer needs, improve and innovate continuously to compete and analyse critical information.

How can intelligent automation help grow your business?
Staying relevant and cutting edge in the business world is a struggle for businesses in any industry. Technology, including intelligent automation, is continually evolving. Businesses must change with it in order to be competitive and successful in our current macroeconomic world. The use of intelligent automation tools can help grow your business and improve how your business operates, reducing your operating costs while improving your production time.

4 marketing automation trends to watch in 2018
Technology improvements related to machine learning, chatbots and analytics will drive a number of notable developments in the field of marketing automation. Here’s a look at four trends to watch in 2018.

Office Essentials

If you know anyone running for office, these items will be essential
Women are flooding ballots across the country in unprecedented numbers this year. For those who are first-time candidates, the experience includes a crash course in campaigning. Most office-seekers will need a message, money and someone to manage the race to win. But there are some basic everyday supplies that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are five things veteran politicians and campaign pros won’t leave home without.

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