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13 Apr 2018

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Workspace and Design

How San Francisco’s newest co-working company is advancing shared workspace design
All of Werqwise’s design decisions at its first co-working space were made to create a better workspace that will improve productivity and employee motivation, according to Werqwise founder and CEO Alan Mackay. The office space incorporates natural light and has acoustic flooring and panelling to reduce noise.

Werqwise’s design included plants and greenery in its workspace. Mackay said having plants in people’s environments creates more oxygen and a positive emotional reaction.

With 5 generations at work together, flexible workspaces could be a blessing to companies
The next time you get into the office, take a good look around. What are the characteristics of your space? How does it make you feel you should behave? Who do you think it was built for? What kind of activities do you think it was designed to support?

Like it or not, workspace design betrays a company’s culture. It also has the power to shape it. We are highly sensitive to the behavioural cues embedded in our environments and will unthinkingly adjust our speech, mannerisms, and body language as we adapt to our surroundings.

5 workplace trends breathing down the neck of the commercial real estate industry
The workplace of today is already moving beyond the need to create proximity between people, which traditionally was the entire function of an office because it facilitated work. With people more connected today than ever, offices of the future will need to be about much more than proximity.

The new purpose of a workplace is to attract and retain the best talent.

Is Story’s new design the optimal work space?
How much time per day do you spend working? No, not at work, but actually, honest-to-God, head-to-the-ground entrenched in actively doing work. For most who work standard 40-hour workweeks, the answer is much lower than what would show in a time sheet. A study by Atlassian estimates that less than 60 percent of the average workday is spent productively, with the rest of the time devoted to distractions, socialising, and aimless office tasks.

Our time at work, where we spend the majority of our lives, is not productive. So what if we could use design to optimise those precious hours?

Dewane’s scheme is a multipart floor plan that effectively funnels employees through various spaces with the intention of triggering different mental states. The layout consists of an entry gallery, a social salon, a multi-person office, and archival library, and the chamber – a site for deep work.

Business Automation

Robotic process automation reducing error, saving time for businesses
The growth of the robotic process automation (RPA) industry is seeing a number of new product offerings designed to improve productivity, reduce errors, and save money for companies worldwide.

RPA completes business tasks that people find routine, repetitive, and highly exacting. Unable to lose focus the way most people do, RPA bots can do this work with no errors due to boredom.

How marketing automation can make your business smarter (and richer)
Perhaps you keep hearing about this marketing automation thing, and how much of a lifesaver it can be for small businesses? You’re curious but sceptical. Can marketing automation really be that great?

Why automation can’t replace sales reps
Technology has permanently changed the way we do business, mostly for the better.

Incorporating technology can make your business more efficient but on the flip side, it had created some chatter about what the future holds for various industries, including media sales.

Office Essentials

The best desk accessories 2018: organise and optimise your workspace
Dress your desk with the best bits of stylish storage and handsome tech around.

Depending on what kind of person you are, your definition of what constitutes a ‘desk accessory’, let alone the best desk accessories, can vary wildly.

Office 2019: release date and features
The latest version is the ninth to be released for Windows since Microsoft unveiled the inaugural software in 1990 and the first version to come out since Office 2016 hit the market in September 2015.

Office 2019 will be a major upgrade on its predecessors, and come with at least one major system requirement for Windows user.

Workforce Development

15 benefits and perks that will keep your remote employees happy
If you want to attract and retain top employees, you need to come up with an attractive package of perks and benefits – especially if your team is remote. Here are ways to recognise and reward them.

Partnership expands hands-on training for young workers
Work-based learning is part of Workforce Development Board’s (WDB) ongoing efforts to meet the needs of employers and create economic opportunities for job seekers in one of the nation’s fastest-growing economies. San Bernardino County’s size and youth (nearly 30 percent of its population is under the age of 18) are among the major factors attracting growing numbers of businesses to the region.

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