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30 Apr 2018

The importance of your employee’s well-being

Incidents of reported misbehaviour occurring at Starbucks in the United States has shed light on the importance of workforce training and planning. It is always crucial to remember that basic respect is fundamental.

How happy are you really at your job? Are your co-workers just that – colleagues? – Or are they potentially good friends? Do you experience friendly competition in your industry – or is it way too much to handle? Has there ever truly been proper work-life balance – or has work become your entire life? Are you working to live or living to work?

Workplace benefits that can help employee which in turn builds up the company:

Mental Health
Workplaces have been known to be the trigger for stress, anxiety, depression and other lifetime emotional issues. With these stresses, comes workplace violence – inappropriate language, violent outbursts and bullying.

Do you often find yourself going home after work stressed you out?

Tips that can help manage stress in the workplace

“Create a positive working culture by regularly praising and recognising achievements and encourage employees to suggest new ideas and become more involved in the goals of the organisation.”

Art therapy and employee stress
“It’s also good for us because our walls are boringly off-white, blank and a general bummer to look at. We need something for those walls. I think back to when I interned at as news station and found a painting stashed in a supply closet.”

No matter what your company may do for you – no matter what anyone else may provide you – at the end of the day, your happiness is in your own hands.

Here are some simple ways to reset your mind:

Remember, happy employees come up with the best quality work.

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