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15 May 2018

Resource List #010

Workspace and Design

Latest workspace design helps creativity, attract talent at Johnson Controls
Brian Smith, director of marketing for Chiller Solutions, talks about the importance of workspace environment in attracting good employees.

Naperville approves design for new park that will be open-air workspace
The lawn north of the Naperville Municipal Center along the Riverwalk soon will be turned into Jaycees Park, an area with seating, shade, plantings, tables, electricity and Wi-Fi for people to work while on the go. Construction on the $416,000 park could begin this summer.

Designing an office? IWG expert says flexibility and lighting should influence your choices
The look, feel and set-up of your office may have a bigger impact on your bottom line than you think. Research has shown that workplace lighting, colours, and flexibility all impact employee productivity, engagement, and happiness.

Knowing the significance of providing a workplace that makes employees feel comfortable and productive, organisations need to put considerable thought into how their offices are designed and constructed.

Designing workspaces to solve problems
One thing that everyone can agree on is that the new (Apple) campus is quintessentially Steve Jobs. Everything is designed – to excruciating detail – for not only aesthetic beauty, but for function and the end user. A new pizza box was even specifically designed so that the crust won’t get soggy as employees take a pie back to their office.

Office Essentials

Desk accessories to keep you positive while working
Don’t you just hate it when you feel sleepy and unmotivated while working? Instead of finishing all your deliverables, you just end up procrastinating in hopes of getting your mood back up. If you’re looking for easy ways to fix this, the solution can simply be added on your office desk.

Why failing to recycle electronics leaves gold mines untapped
E-waste is more than phones and laptops

There’s 80 times as much gold in one ton of cell phones as there is in a gold mine, says Federico Magalini, an expert on electronic waste. That means there’s enormous potential for recycling – and yet, most of us keep our old electronics at home.

Workforce Development

Top 5 workforce trends for 2018
As AI shapes the future of work, employers focus on human skills and employees crave jobs with purpose.

After years of talking about disruption, executives are determined to turn talk into action.

Millennial workforce pushes up the perks
The 2018 graduation season ushers into the workforce the tail end of the largest American generation of all time. The challenge for conventional employers is to coax this generation into the office 9-to-5.

Many companies have buffed up packages to include assistance to relieve crushing student loans, free gym memberships, smartphone discounts, protection against identity theft and paid time off for staff to attend charity causes.

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