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25 May 2018

Making Your Office Feel Like Home

Here’s the truth. A large majority of us has been brought into this world to get educated the first quarter of our lives and spend the remaining years getting full-time jobs to support ourselves. For most, our office serves as a second home. In fact, in some cases, workers spend more time in their office than their own home.

This encourages the need to find comfort in our environment to ensure maximised productivity and quality work done.

Comfort can be found in the simplest of details, from the way we dress to office accessories. Here are some suggestions to spice up your office environment and make you feel at home:


First impressions are crucial, and more often than not, you will be critiqued based on your outfit.

Source: bizjournals and softstarshoes

Desktop accessories

Source: familyhandyman and buzzfeed

Collaborative workspace

Source: leveloffice and treehugger



A hungry man is an angry man, and that is the last thing anyone needs in an office setting. Source: wellandgood and verywellfit

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