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08 Jun 2018

Resource List #011

Workspace and Design

13 ways to hack your workspace for optimal productivity
When it comes to desk clutter, keep it at a minimum.

There are podcasts, morning routines, hobbies, and even procrastination techniques that can make you more productive. But there’s one thing that might be missing from your arsenal of time management hacks: optimising your work desk and workspace for ultimate productivity.

Step inside this minimalist and modern pop-up co-working space in Copenhagen
What will future workspaces look like? What is the ideal office environment? These are questions arising within our evolving world of modern working; offices have morphed into multifunctional space that include gyms, meditation rooms, retail spaces and some even come equipped with champagne buttons. Now Danish design stalwarts Muuto are getting in on the act with a pop-up co-working space at Nomad in Copenhagen.

How millennials are influencing workplace design
With the number of millennials in the workplace growing quickly, this segment is redefining how work space is designed.

This newer generation of worker is seeking work-life balance, a collaborative workspace and comfort. They desire flexibility within their daily schedule, including the hours they work and the environment they work in.

Reconfigure your own workspace layout with sliding whiteboards in this award-winning office
An office that can be adapted according to employees’ needs has won the workspace design category in the Australian Interior Design Awards.

The Customer Experience Company, in Sydney’s Macquarie Place, is a 500-square-metre workplace featuring stackable whiteboards that can be moved along the ceiling mounted track, zigzagging through the office.

Business Automation

10 strategic ways to automate your internal business workflows
Automation has been a big buzzword in the tech world lately, and for good reason: Programming a process to run on its own based on various data inputs eliminates the need for a human operator, saving a company time, money and frustration. This can be especially helpful in streamlining workflows within a business.

Insight: taking a collaborative approach to automation in the workplace
From online grocer Ocado’s prototype robotic arm which collect hard-to-reach items from supermarket shelves, to devices like FoldiMate that help with tasks around the home, automated technologies are becoming an ever more common feature of our day-to-day lives.

Smart office secrets: Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant could hear commands the human ear can’t
It might sound like white noise to you, but that static can be manipulated to contain messages Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant understand.

11 website design and development best practices for 2018
In today’s global marketplace, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence. To capitalise on opportunity and captivate real, live, human readers, and optimised, functional, interactive website is a must. Unfortunately, the Internet is swarming with poor website designs that miss both the technical and content mark. Worse yet, clients and developers alike continuously contribute to the current outbreak of design delinquency in equal measure.

Office Essentials

Top 5 workforce trends for 2018
5 eco-friendly ways to a greener workplace Nowadays, businesses are putting more focus on following their values and making sure they fall in line with their company business model. By creating an eco-friendly example for others to follow, you can create a better reputation for your company while leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Workforce Development

What does the future of workplace wellbeing look like?
In the early 2000s, the practice of workplace wellbeing was often viewed as a ‘nice to have’ but not a necessity.

Over the years, more and more companies have begun implementing programmes, which have grown from healthy snacks or health insurance to much more.

Employees value work-life balance more than job security
Singapore employees are more likely to stay with their bosses if they are offered better work-life balance over the prospect of security of tenure, according to employment agency Randstad.

These 5 companies were rated best for work-life balance. Is yours anything like them?
Next to compensation, work-life balance is what employees prize most. Scheduling flexibility and the freedom to spend time with families are essential.

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