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03 Mar 2016

Exhibitor Tips: Face-to-Face Fuels Success!


Webinars, virtual expos, video conferencing. With rapid technological advances, our ability to reach out and connect with our target audience has tremendously improved

What about tradeshows?

Your presence at tradeshows still matter!

Approach, execute it properly and create lasting impressions.

  1. Engagement & Interactions
    The main purpose of tradeshows is to showcase a wide variety of options for attendees and exhibitors to engage and interact with each other.

    Creating a well-rounded booth experience facilitates this, and helps you capture potential contact information as well. For example, attendees are attracted to promotional giveaways. Good premiums containing your company name and contact details serve as a personal reminder to attendees even after the show. Do consider having enticing events such as lucky draws, games at your booth to draw crowds.

  2. Lead Generation & Direct Sales Opportunities
    At tradeshows, the customer comes to you. Tradeshows have specific or niche audience and they are usually willing and knowledgeable buyers. Make sure to follow-up on the leads generated while the event is still fresh in their mind. Take the time to build relationships and turn leads into clients!

  3. Industry Access
    B2B buyers visit tradeshows to be informed of latest trends, new products. This is one of the best opportunities to speak with your buyers and find out what they are looking for.

    Your competitors are likely to be present at the tradeshow too. Seize this opportunity to gather information about your competition.

  4. Cost-Effective Marketing
    Tradeshows conduct extensive marketing, advertising and promotion campaigns, designed to promote and increase event awareness to targeted buyers. Be sure to submit your pre-show advertising materials to the Organiser to ride on their publicity efforts.

    In essence, tradeshows combine face-to-face interactions with the exposure to a large number of potential leads – your most effective sales and marketing media.

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