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13 Jun 2018

5 Benefits Your Office Needs to Attract The Best Talent in 2018

It’s hiring season again which means you have to be ready to attract top performing employees in your workplace. You need to have a long list of compelling reasons as to why the best hires should choose your company. Poor retention rate is one of the main problems in today’s competitive workforce. Most companies blame it all to the entitled and stubborn young hires “millennials” who job skip twice as much as the generations before them. But what if the problem isn’t them? What if the problem is actually you?

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Lots of companies today don’t know how to attract AND retain the right employees – and here’s where they’re losing to their competitors. How would you feel if you knew that the company you’ve applied for lost several people in just the past six months? A successful company will always market itself as a good employer, this is why they get the best and brightest hires. In this article, I’m going to share some of the best perks your office needs to attract the best employees.

Competitive Benefits

When it comes to choosing benefits for your employee, don’t just go with the trends, offer benefits that are competitive, useful, and will increase employee happiness. Show your employees that you truly care about them and they will care for your customers, their fellow employee, and the company.

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Examples of competitive employee benefits include wellness programs like gym membership, yoga classes, health insurance, or saving plans that give them greater financial independence.

Flexible Work Structure

Your company’s work structure can dictate a lot about your overall success as a team. Many great companies today offer a lot of flexibility in terms of work structure. For example, they allow their employees to work remotely, have flexible hours (no more 9-5 work), and sometimes even bring their own devices for work in the office. Office perks like these that value work life balance and individuality help retain employee and increase job satisfaction in the long run.

Reinvent the Office Space

A great office can always improve mood and productivity in the office but did you know some companies also use it to attract the best recruit and maximize quality of work within the organization?

There are many ways to reinvent your office space. If you want to increase productivity and attract hires with healthy lifestyle, consider buying height adjustable standing desks which allow employees to improve their posture and prevent sedentary workstyles that’s causing obesity and other diseases.

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You can also upgrade your office to cater different personalities by investing in activity based work zones. Offices like this have designated spaces that’s suitable for many kinds of work and types of employees. In these kinds of spaces, employees can choose to work in closed cubicles that offer maximum concentration or open desks which encourage teamwork and brainstorm sessions.

Activities That Make a Difference

Young hires often look for companies that don’t just pay well, they love to work in companies that also do well and make a positive difference in the world. They want to work with teams that do something that matters and helps the society. They want to grow their careers in companies that offer them new experiences, growth, and motivates them to be the best in their chosen field. In short, the want to work in companies that CARE.

Final Thoughts

The key to attracting top performing employees is by knowing what they want. And sometimes all you need to do is to listen. Start in your office. Ask your employees what they want to improve in the workplace. Ask new candidates what they seek in a good workplace. The moment you open your ears and start seeing work in your employee’s perspective, attracting and retaining top employees won’t be so hard.

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