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21 Mar 2019

Resource List #013

Workforce Development

How to get people to pay attention during corporate trainings
Companies invest a lot of money into corporate training. This includes investment in courses, facilities, systems, and tools. But precious little time or money is spent on preparing and enabling the mind of the learner. The fact is, if the learner doesn’t have the “in-the-moment” mental capacity to pay attention, these investments aren’t paying off.

AI and training: extending learning into day-to-day work
Anyone in a technology job knows that education doesn’t end with a degree or certificate. The rapid pace of technology advancement means that any programmer or IT administrator needs to constantly take lessons or even full courses to stay current. Anyone who isn’t familiar with the latest tools and techniques isn’t going to be in practice for long.

Business Automation

Apple has quietly acquired business automation startup Stamplay
Continuing a string of recent startup acquisitions, Apple Inc. appears to have quietly picked up a Rome-based developer of business automation software called Stamplay Ltd. Three-year-old Stamplay offered an IFTTT-like task automation platform geared towards enterprises. It enabled companies to create workflows for handling repetitive, labour-intensive chores such as syncing business information between disparate systems.

The top 10 IT and technology buzzwords you won’t be able to avoid in 2019
The modern world is changing more and more quickly with each passing year. Not paying attention to these new changes makes it easy to fall behind the times and market. To keep abreast of current changes, here’s a list of buzzwords you will not be able to avoid in 2019.

The best robotic process automation tools of 2019
Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is growing and rapidly influencing the global markets. According to industry projections, by 2025 the global market size is expected to reach US$3.11 billion growing at a CAGR of 31.1%. The potential of RPA to disrupt global markets has been phenomenal. In recent times, RPA has integrated enterprises with the power to supercharge their automation efforts by injecting cognitive technologies including Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Speech Recognition capabilities. Thereby automating higher order tasks that previously required human judgement capabilities.

Workspace Design

Data-driven design tools are changing the game
Simulation, computational design, and data analytics are the profession’s new “change or perish.” This data-driven wave brings us a new set of criteria and sense of urgency to change and adapt to maintain relevance. Architects, engineers, and designers need to embrace these new technologies and offer a new set of services in order to keep up.

Can’t concentrate? 5 insidious ways your office design can make you less productive
Office design can influence how much productive work you get done in a day. If you regularly find yourself listlessly staring at your work, you may want to consider whether the following environmental factors and workspace design choices are holding you back from your full potential.

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