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18 Apr 2019

Resource List #014

Business Automation

Meet your new colleague – the ‘digital worker’
The future of the workplace includes humans working alongside AI and other forms of new technology — otherwise known as the digital worker. As organisations transform digitally, it has become increasingly important for business leaders to have well thought through strategies that would effectively employ AI, automation, and human talent for an efficient, productive, and conducive workplace.

CFOs betting big on AI, machine learning, robotics process automation as businesses go digital
CFOs have increased their bets on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, analytics, and blockchain as they are looking to automate to boost savings, efficiency, and agility, according to a Grant Thornton survey.

At Automate 2019, robot vendors tout simplicity across products
Building advanced robotic applications a goal for many companies displaying at the show. One of the major themes of many of the displays and demonstrations was facilitating operations by making systems easier to use and simpler to deploy.

In the workplace

Singapore aiming to come out tops for workplace safety and health
The Manpower Ministry has set a goal of reducing the workplace fatal injury rate from a three-year average of 1.4 per 100,000 workers to below one for every 100,000 workers within the next 10 years.

Finally, a workplace that is all about you
Too often, companies neglect the bigger picture, focusing on either technology or design – to the detriment of their employees. So how should they create a truly seamless workplace experience?

Work-life strategies

In defence of work-life balance
Even as the concept of integrating our professional and personal lives gains currency, it is important to demarcate borders between the two.

How to maintain work-life balance when you hours aren’t 9-5
Work-life balance can be elusive under the best job circumstances, but when you work non-traditional hours—whether you’re in a client-facing role, you have a busy season (hi accountants!), or you’re facing a big project deadline—finding time for the people and things you love can be even more difficult.

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