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01 Apr 2016

[Internet of Things] The Intelligent Workplace!

Everything is smart these days. Smartphones, smartwatches, smart glasses, we are surrounded by data-driven technology so intelligent that it optimises almost every aspect of our lives.

An intelligent workplace is basically the next big leap in human-computer interaction; it is much further than your phone being a portable office – being able to check email, edit documents and monitor performance from almost anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Smartphones, wearables and applications --- with the infrastructure of the smart office in place, something bigger can be done to marry all three together to create the perfect intelligent workplace, to empower people to better manage aspects of their work lives.

Mani Zarrehparvar, President of mobility technology firm Visage Mobile wrote recently in an article here:

“I’m imagining I walk out of my front door with my device. My device locks the door behind me. It starts my car. It pays for my coffee at Starbucks. It knows that when I get in my car and I say I’m going to Starbucks, it has my order waiting for me when I get there. It recognizes that I’m late for a meeting and changes my meeting because it knows — by my location — that I’m not going to be at the office in time to be there for my video conference meeting and it changes it to a voice call.”

The Internet of Things, or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology, boosts productivity and efficiency, while reducing human-error. Not to mention, IoT can also drastically change the future of meetings.

One thing to think about though – Is it all a necessity and when do they get straight up excessive? How smart do workplaces have to be? Taking into account lower utilities cost and much, much better communication and work processes.

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