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20 Jun 2019

Happy Food, Happy People

Why does wellbeing matter?

We believe that everyone who’s a part of the Office Expo recognises the importance of a great company culture. Healthy, happy, productive employees are key to high-performance teams and long-term competitive advantage.

Large companies such as Google, Grab, and Twitter, prove that great company culture is not just a HR buzzword. People rarely talk about wanting to join Google without citing its office culture as one of the top reasons. Most things that keep their staff happy and healthy are things that any company, of any size, can replicate — if you are willing to make employee wellness a priority.

Benefits like employee insurance and annual leave are pretty much the norm. In today’s competitive market, how can your company attract and retain top talent? Easy. It begins with what you feed them. It’s often said that the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Employees need tons of energy to power through the day, and snacks are the perfect remedy for the midday hunger pangs or night owls working the extra shift.

Empowering Employees with Boxgreen Snacks

Not all office snacks are created equal, though. People don’t want to binge on junk at work every day — they want to enjoy real food. Enter Boxgreen, a healthy food and drink company born out of a belief that offices can do better. Moving away from the standard junk food and sugary drinks in vending machines, we deliver wholesome, sustainable and tailored pantry solutions for progressive companies that put people first.

Whether you’re feeding a small team, a social gathering, someone else’s team or even an army of office folks, our one-stop service has all your pantry needs covered. Our curated selection of tasty, nutritious snacks, fruits, cold press juices and artisanal coffee & tea keeps wellness and every kind of palate in mind.

Boxgreen’s Happiness Ambassadors ensure you’re constantly stocked with perfect portions of healthy food, keeping your team productive and engaged. Our technology-enabled turnkey solutions put you in control and cover everything you need for your office pantry and break rooms. We measure what matters, including employee satisfaction, fruit consumption rate, cross-office recommendations, to customise the pantry and please even the pickiest eater.

Boxgreen snacks are not only good for consumers but better for the planet, too. As a proud member of the B Corp community, we ensure that positive value is felt throughout the snack chain, from our inclusive hiring policies to responsible supply sourcing and manufacturing processes. A portion of the proceeds goes towards providing meals for the less privileged.

Ready to empower your team to better health and start snacking purposefully? Let Boxgreen do the heavy-lifting for you today!

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