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25 Feb 2020

Resource List #018

Employee Well-being

Workplace mental health programs: What they are, and what they’re worth
With the growing prevalence of mental and stress-related disorders in the general population, the importance of health and well-being programs is being recognised more and more in the corporate world. Employers are also seeing its benefit both to attract new talent and to retain existing employees.

5 workplace elements that support employee mental health
Want to make your business healthier and your employees happier? The following are five workplace elements that you should invest in to support employee mental health.

Work-life Strategies

How different countries approach work-life balance
In a study of the modern workforce, researchers analysed two subjective measures of career success – financial success and work-life balance.

How creating a long-term business plan can help prevent burnout
Many entrepreneurs find themselves doing just this: working long, laborious hours around the clock to make their business click in this period of chaos, when the real work should start with one intensive strategy session to create a business plan.

Office Design

See the trends in office design that will change the way we work
From privacy booths to smart parking garages: These photos show what offices of the future will look like.

Why your gloomy office is holding you back: the case for better workplace design
Whatever industry you’re in, most companies will tell you that their biggest cost is talent. That’s why the prediction that stress-related illnesses will be the main cause of sickness in 2020, accounting for 44 per cent of all work-related absences, should be a big concern.

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