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11 Feb 2021

Resource List #020

Hybrid Workplace

How to Set Up Your Workplace for Hybrid Employees in 2021
Hybrid workplaces seem to be the way forward. What are its benefits and how can the workplace be re-engineered?

The Hybrid Workplace Is Not A Flexible Choice But An Inevitable Reality
COVID-19 triggered a mass flexible workplace movement. In 2021 and beyond how will employers and employees manage this new future of working remotely and at the traditional office?

What to Do If Your Team Doesn’t Want to Go Back to the Office
As offices continue to open up, there are ongoing discussions in many organizations about when and how employees should return to work. What should you do if your team wants to continue to work from home?

Decentralised Global Workforce

COVID and Remote-Work - is Decentralisation the Future?
Organisations experienced a phenomenal rate of change as remote working became the “new normal”. What is decentralisation and how should organisations apply it?

The Post-Pandemic Rules of Talent Management
Companies now have access to a talent pool from anywhere in the world. It’s time to embrace the truly global talent pool that is available to drive growth, regardless of where people call home.

Employee Health and Mental Well-being

How You Can Protect Your Mental Health During the Pandemic
When bad news and uncertainty rocks your boat, what do you do?

Create Boundaries Between Home and Work—Even When You Work from Home
When remote working takes a toll on our mental well-being, how do we draw healthy boundaries to separate work and personal lives?

10 Playlists To Work Better This Week
Crank up the volume on your speakers and enjoy these tunes while you work from home (or anywhere!)

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