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02 Jun 2021

Build Back Better

By Anthony Selvam

Building Back Better - Yes, since Feb 2020, the entire world has been shaken up, tossed up, and been put on its head, for some, quite literally. So when tasked with this topic, I looked around and saw that for the first time, we have the opportunity to leave our egos, nationalities, race, language, and religion to build an improved version of a new united world.

Now, this may sound a tad megalomaniac but hear me out. What if I told you that there is nothing to stop us from putting more thought into how we engage in corporate gifting? The pandemic has stopped us in our tracks but it’s now 2021 and moving forward, we know that Mother Earth was suffering and desperately needed to be healed.

So how can gifting help? How can we Build Back Better?

  1. Brainstorm on how we can support social causes while gifting. There are non-profit organisations that make their own masks and gifts to raise their funds. Supporting them will help your organisation shine and positively impact the community.

  2. Plan to run your gifting online via stores; from sourcing to end delivery, we can assist so that it’s effortless and you can focus on much more pressing activities. Vital as time is life.

  3. Choose sustainable or eco-friendly gifts. Although more expensive, it will leave a much more positive impact while reducing your carbon footprint.
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  5. In the age of gloom and doom, plan for gifts that are inclusive, fun, and will speak of your organisation as one that exudes empathy and is aligned with what we all need. Laughter and LOVE!

  6. We can work 360 and partner with almost any organisation globally now - who does not need a little more business and attention these days? Co-brand or sponsor a social cause while gifting. This will add meaning and purpose. The sky’s the limit! We can co-create and collaborate on your behalf.

  7. Lastly, please speak to us! We have been serving the world’s best like Google, Starbucks, Pratt & Whitney, Aston Martin, Marina Bay Sands, and many more since 1998 and we constantly have a pulse on the gifting trends to create a special experience for your clients, staff, or business associates.
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About the contributor
Anthony Selvam is a self-starter in the Corporate Gifts & Merchandising business since 1998, together with the Managing Director of Eventus Group; Mr. Adrian Tay. He planted the seed to what has been a journey of 23 years. Never one to play it small, he constantly challenged himself and the status quo to reach for the moon and often got it! He is a cheerful, resourceful, and blessed man who takes joy in bringing joy to others through his unique approach to the world of Corporate Gifting.

You can reach him via email: tony@eventusgifts.com or WhatsApp: (65) 9101 8574.

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