Thank you for supporting Singapore Gifts & Premiums Fair (SGPFair) / Office Expo Asia (OEA) / PrintPack+Sign (PP+S) 2021.

It has come to our attention that scammers posing as suppliers are targeting exhibitors, attempting to sell attendee lists, solicit bookings at unauthorised hotels, etc.

The Organiser of the above-mentioned events, Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd (Sphere Exhibits), aims to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 ("PDPA") and respects your choices in respect of your personal data. See our privacy policy to learn more.

Attendee List Email Scam

  • Please note that Sphere Exhibits DOES NOT sell attendee or exhibitor lists to third parties, nor do we send emails via Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail accounts unless otherwise stated explicitly by your point-of-contact from BizLink
  • Companies who do this are fraudulent and are not affiliated with Sphere Exhibits in any way
  • Do not click on any links from emails from these types of accounts or from any that look suspicious – Avoid interaction with them at all costs
  • These companies may have come to know our exhibitors through the SGPFair / OEA / PP+S Online Exhibitor Listings (OEL)
  • The OED is only accessible to pre-registered visitors as well as exhibitors of the respective shows; No exhibitor or visitor contact information will be displayed on the OED
  • Exhibitors should take note to not divulge their e-Manual log-in information to their contractors and other vendors

If you receive emails that propose to sell SGPFair / OEA / PP+S attendee lists, do not engage with the sender and delete the message immediately.

Hotel Booking Scam

Sphere Exhibits and our shows' Official Hotels (as stated in the e-Manual) WILL NOT send emails or place phone calls to individuals in order to promote specific accommodations.

Exhibitors can access booking forms for our Official Hotels via the e-Manual.

The first point of contact should come from you, where you submit the booking form to the representative's email address as indicated on the booking form. Thereafter, the representative of the hotel will contact you.

If you receive emails or calls regarding discounted hotel accommodations, please disregard and do not engage with the sender.


  • Sphere Exhibits does not rent or sell your email address to third parties.
  • Do not click on any links that look suspicious.
  • Do not divulge your e-Manual log-in information to contractors and other vendors.

Sphere Exhibits has a set list of trusted suppliers that we work with. Their names and contact details can be found on the e-Manual.

Have any concerns? Contact us.